RepresENting Taiwan & International Teachers!


A few months ago, Evernote, one of my favorite web resources, contacted TAPA because they heard about our iPad program and wanted to know if they could begin a pilot program with us. We were really excited for the opportunity for our school, and I was especially excited, as I fancied myself quite the Evernote expert, and I was pumped about the opportunity to show off some of my knowledge. Apparently, someone pretty high up agreed, and I received an email from Evernote, inviting me to be one of their first Global Ambassadors!

Mr. Ambassador, if you please.

So, what does that mean? As I understand it, I’m one of Evernote’s go-to experts in using Evernote in the classroom, so my duty is to spread the word about ways teachers (and students) can use Evernote to make their lives easier. Over the next few months, I hope to publish some blog posts sharing some of the cool tricks and tips I’ve picked up from my many hours with this program. Of course, I know what I know, so if you have any questions about using Evernote (or any other technology) in the classroom, feel free to drop me a line so we can come up with some cool, high-tech solutions to better benefit your students!

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