So a funny thing happened at 5:30 this morning…

GTAmeEvery morning, when I wake up, the first conscious decision I make is to grab my phone and see what damage my inbox took over night. Today, as I hazily began email triage, I stumbled across an email I had been expecting for a few days—a “Thank you for applying; we’re sorry to inform you that you were not selected…” email from Google Teacher Academy. I’ve gotten the email, and I knew what to expect: a generic paragraph encouraging me to try again in the future. Whatever.

As I scrolled through the email, though, I slowly realized something. Usually, when I received this email, I would only swipe up once on my iPhone before getting to the archive symbol; this time, though, I had to swipe three times. Wait… what? I somehow convinced my eyes to focus on the screen… and I saw this:


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Now, I know I was exhausted, because I stared at that message for over 60 seconds, not quite recognizing what was happening. (Honestly, it was like I forgot how to read in English. “Wait… what?”) I needed help, so I whacked the lump of blanket and wife to the left of me. “Hey… look at this.”

Lisa glared and snatched the phone out of my hand. She looked at the screen, swiped a couple of times, and turned towards me, just as I was realizing what had just happened. This was her approximate reaction:

So yeah… 5th time’s a charm, right?

Today was a blast. My wife kept calling me “Mr. Google Certified Teacher“; my students applauded me; and boy, was it fun hanging out on Twitter and reading tweets by 40 other lucky educators I’ll be meeting, sharing with, and learning from in Chicago on July 24th and 25th. Today was a quite the banner day for me.

When I was in high school, my friends and I were really into playing old video games on our computers. I had this original NES emulator program on my eMachines tower, and my friends and I used to run back to my dorm room in between classes and crank out a couple levels of Super Mario Brothers. The best part—because it was being run through emulation software, someone had added in a bonus tweak of allowing a user to save the game at any time. Even if a mushroom fell onto my head and I died, I could hit two buttons on my keyboard and be exactly where I was before.

I think about that emulator a lot. Not necessarily the gaming part of it, but about the ability to save my progress at any time and to easily go right back to when things were absolutely perfect. In fact, I recently started thinking about the couple of days in my life that were so amazing, if I had the chance, I would love to go back and restart from there:

I’m so pumped. And I still don’t fully believe it.

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  1. Steven Tien says:

    When are you going? Please don’t leave me with a substitute!

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